Aromatherapy is a treatment which uses essential oils - this could be through inhalation of the oils, using them in the bath, in lotions and creams, or in a compress. Essential oils are obtained from flowers, leaves, bark, wood, seeds and roots.  Each oil has its own therapeutic properties, for example, Peppermint is known to have analgesic (pain relieving) properties, German Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

For an aromatherapy massage the essential oils are blended into a carrier oil and applied to your skin using different massage techniques.  This brings together the benefits of massage therapy and the relaxing, therapeutic properties of essential oils.  Aromatherapy massage can be a gentle massage, encouraging the body to relax, de-stress and thereby start the healing process, or it can be stimulating, depending on your needs on the day.  

 A consultation is necessary before an aromatherapy massage, to talk about your medical history to ensure I'm treating you safely.  This can take up to 30 minutes.  Together we will choose the essential oils for your blend, based on your preferences and needs.  

Benefits of receiving regular treatments may include:                                                        

•   Reduction of pain

 •   Relief of muscle tension          

 •   Muscles and joints becoming more supple

•   Relief of mental and physical fatigue      

 •   Increased lymphatic flow resulting in waste and toxin removal

•   Improvement in appearance of skin due  to exfoliating effect                      

 •   Improvement in body's metabolism

•   Improved digestion as  peristaltic flow is increased                                                

 •   A deep feeling of wellbeing and balance 

•  A reduction in anxiety and stress levels

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