The importance of touch for well-being

From the beginning of  time therapeutic touch has been used in some way to heal the sick and suffering.  Whether it is a mother gently stroking the brow of her upset child, or rubbing of aching shoulders; tender loving touch, especially during infancy, is vital to our emotional and physical development.

When touch takes the form of skilled but sensitive massage, not only does it relax and revitalize an ailing or tired body, it is also a way of communicating warmth, reassurance and a sense of self worth.

Many studies have confirmed that massage triggers the release of mood-altering brain chemicals such as encephalins and endorphins which have the ability to reduce pain and generate a sense of well-being.  Feelings of well-being stimulate the immune system and this then helps strengthen our resistance to disease.  

My aim, as an Aromatherapist and massage therapist,  is to support you in reaching your highest functional level of health with minimal risks; such as safe use of oils and adapting the massage to suit you personally. 

Initial Treatment Session
The first treatment will consist of an initial consultation, which can take up to 30 minutes, before your massage. The purpose of the consultation is to, firstly, establish why you are seeking treatment; for some it may be purely for relaxation, for others it may be for the treatment of a specific condition.  I would like to know about your symptoms and location of aches and pains (if they exist), how long you’ve been experiencing your symptoms, and if you know what may have caused your condition; if anything makes it better or worse, and how your condition or symptoms impact on your daily life.  Based on this information, and also on your medical history,  we will decide together the best treatment plan for you, which will include choosing the most suitable oils for your treatment. All information given by you will be treated with complete confidentiality.. 

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