"When I first went to Charmaine for aromatherapy massage I was at a very low ebb both physically, and emotionally.  I was suffering from excruciating back pain, feeling exhausted and very low in my mood.  I felt an immediate improvement in all 3 of these areas after the first session and this continued over the next 4 treatments.  Charmaine treated me so kindly and with great reverance which was very healing for my emotions and the massage was consistently confident and delivered with great sensitivity.  I think the treatments worked on two levels; physically my aches and pains were soothed and healing generated but also the experience of being cared for in this way was incredibly effective in improving my state of mind.  It has been quite a revelation to me that aromatherapy massage is such a powerful tool in treating both physical and emotional pain.  I will be back for more!"
K.S, Aldermaston Wharf

"Your massages were awesome, helped me to get rid of the tension, relax and rest.  After every single one I slept very well.  The back and neck pain were gone and I felt like I had more energy.  It made me feel calm and happier.  The oils you gave me allowed me to relax at night and to be honest I haven't slept that well for quite some time.  I am very happy with the treatments and will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs massage."
ME, Tadley

"I have not had much experience of any sort of massage before so to have had the benefit of this course was a real treat.  Charmaine made me feel very relaxed and comfortable before each sesion and used a lovely blend of oils after discussing my preferences.  Charmaine considered my health and fitness before each session and took that into consideration, in particular my lower back pain/discomfort.  The massages made me feel very relaxed during the session.  Charmaine's incredible warm hands gave me a feeling of instant 'relief' and I could feel the benefit for the rest of the day.  Overall, the whole experience has left me wanting more! I have felt the benefit from each massage leaving me with a feeling of wellbeing.  I have also appreciated the advice and blend of oils for other uses such as blocked sinus and eczema."
SE, Aldermaston

"Just to say thank you for the massages over the last few weeks....they have been a real treat for me and also great with the elbow and shoulder injuries.  I played tennis for the first time in weeks and although it still isn't completely healed, it held up for the match.  So thank you for the treatments.  I think you have created a lovely space in your home to accomodate your business and I especially like the warmth of the bed!  I think you are very professional at all times and I felt relaxed and confident in your advice and treatment.  You have the perfect temperament for this type of work and I will definitely recommend you to friends."
EC, Newbury

"It was a pleasure to meet you and lovely to have such a relaxing massage. Even my husband commented on my state of mind in the evening.  The choice of oils was perfect. Thank you."
MW, Newbury

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